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Efficiently transport low-speed traffic on high capacity cell cite routers

Application Description

In an era where networking environments are constantly evolving and the need for more speed seems to be always present, Mobile operators are faced with the challenge of building out high capacity, next generation services, while continuing to operate legacy services and auxiliary management equipment operating at low speeds.  The LambdaGain™ SFP Rate Converter is a simple pluggable networking device that is designed to bridge the gap between high capacity next-generation routers and legacy equipment with lower speed Ethernet interfaces, allowing multiple generations of services to coexist in seamless way without having to deploy extra equipment. This device offers an affordable solution that provides network administrators with the tools needed to easily adapt to ever-changing technology requirements.


Mobile operators upgrading their macro cell sites to address the surging demands related to 5G are faced with a particular challenge.  Next generation cell routers from leading Network Equipment Manufacturers are focused on delivering energy efficient, high density, high capacity equipment with flexible high speed networking interfaces.  The networking interfaces on these next generation routers will typically support a mix of speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps.  While these routers are ideally suited to meet the surging demands of 5G, they are ill equipped to handle lower speed legacy traffic that mobile operators have to manage and maintain at the macro cell site.  Common equipment with low speed networking interfaces at the macro site include:


  • 3G HSPA-enabled baseband units, which typically have 100Base-T Ethernet interfaces used for mobile traffic backhaul.


  • Macro cell power systems which typically have 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces that are used for management and control.


Many next generation cell site routers do not have the ability to directly connect to these devices and as a result, mobile operators will be forced to deploy, power and maintain separate “transition” equipment, such as other routers, switches or media conveters, to bridge the connection between these legacy interfaces and the next generation routers.  An inefficient model with increased complexity, CAPEX, OPEX with little value in return.

LambdaGain™ SFP Rate Converter

The LambdaGain™ SFP RC (Rate Converter) is a simple pluggable networking transceiver that bridges the gap in speed between legacy ethernet interfaces and higher speed interfaces on next generation cell site routers.  This plug and play solution can be inserted into a high speed interface of the next generation router and convert between higher speed 1000Base-X host interfaces to 10/100Base-T connections on legacy networking equipment.  With this solution, mobile operators can simplify deployments and reduce CAPEX/OPEX by not having to deploy, power, and manage separate “transition” equipment.  LambdaGain™ offers a new, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution for network administrators to connect different networking equipment easily. Its simple features make it a must-have for dealing with challenges related to network devices running at different speeds.



  • 10/100/1000BASE-T Line Side
  • 1000Base-X Host Side
  • Bidirectional Data Rate Conversion
  • Auto-Negotiation Capabilities
  • Hot-Swappable
  • Plug-and-Play
  • 100m transmission over Cat 5e UTP cable
  • Low Power Consumption < 0.5 W



  • Auto-negotiation capabilities simplify the configuration process and minimizing the risk of configuration errors


  • Helps in extending the lifespan of existing networking equipment by providing a solution to accommodate devices with different speeds


  • Resolves communication challenges between devices with different speeds

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