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Extended Range DWDM Access Networks

DWDM Access networks offer high capacity and cost-effectiveness. However, as the speed of DWDM systems increases with the wider use of coherent optics, range can become an issue in some applications. To extend the reach of DWDM access networks operating at 10G, 25G and beyond, LambdaGain DWDM access network solutions can include both dispersion compensation modules and active amplifiers. We offer integrated, field-proven solutions for range extension including:

  • Passive dispersion compensation that extends range without requiring any active components.
  • Single-ended amplification that significantly extends range, while concentrating active components in CO / Headend facilities where power and battery backup are already available.
  • Dual-ended amplification solutions that extend range to the maximum possible.

By combining LambdaGain muxes and optics with active and passive range extenders, FONEX offers our clients unique one-stop-shop capability for extended-range DWDM access networks. We’ve designed numerous extended range DWDM solutions that enable key applications for telecom operators. For example, government mandates and social requirements for universal broadband services are driving the extension of FTTH services into ex-urban and rural areas. One FONEX client worked closely with us to develop a suite of amplified solutions to extend the range of DWDM access networks to well over 100Km to serve outlying communities. In another example, a large mobile network operator leverages our passive range extension technology to support upgrades of macro cell backhaul links, using dispersion compensation to overcome normal range limits on coherent 25Gbps optical links required for 5G RAN.

To find out more about how FONEX DWDM access network solutions can help you address challenging FTTH and backhaul applications, please contact us at:

Fernando Donoso

Product Marketing Manager