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Maximize Edge Router Capacity by Deploying QSFP28 4x25G Parallel Optics for 5G Mobile Backhaul

Application Description

The growing demands for mobile bandwidth and the profliferation of 5G is putting a strain on the availability of fiber in the access network and creating a need for higher capacity, space and power efficient edge aggregation routers.  The LambdaGain™ QSFP28 Parallel BX10 addresses these requirements by providing 4 separte single fiber, single mode, 5G bachaul connections operating at 25Gbps within a single QSFP28 host interface. This device provides a power, space, and fiber efficient means of delivering 5G backhaul services to cell sites.


Mobile operators are faced with the challenge of how to upgrade their existing fiber access network and edge aggregation equipment to meet the surging demands for backhaul bandwidth and capacity.  Rack space is often limited and energy consumption has become top of mind.  Moreover, with 25Gbps connections becoming the norm for 5G backhaul, operators are forced to deploy edge agrregation routers with SFP28 25Gbps interfaces rather than higher capacity QSFP28 100Gbps interfaces.  This results in operators being forced to install more lower capacity routers that consume more rack space and power.

LambdaGain™ QSFP28 Parallel BX10

The LambdaGain™ QSFP28 Parallel BX10 pluggable optic can be installed in QSFP28 host interfaces to provide 4 independent 25Gbps connections over single fiber.  By deploying these optics instead of dedicated SFP28 interfaces, operators can benefit from a 3-fold improvement in density & capacity in roughly the same footprint.  Improved density means that fewer routers, less rack space and less power are required, resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX. Refer to  Figure 1 for a visual representation of the improved port density by using QSFP28 parallel optics

Figure 1:  Parallel QSFP28 vs SFP28 Port Density

In addition to improved port density, these optics operate over a single fiber strand and have a reach of up to 10km, resulting in more efficient use of the fiber plant.  Refer to Figure 2, illustrating how this product can enable the deployment of high-capacity edge aggregation routers for 5G Mobile Backhaul over a single fiber access network.

Figure 2:  Enable High-Capacity Edge Aggregation Routers for 5G Mobile Backhaul over Single Fiber



  • QSFP28 100G Parallel BX10 enables a 100G port to break out to 4x25G connections
  • Each 25G connection is over a single fiber and relies on bi-directional technology.
  • Transmission distance up to 10km over Single-mode fiber
  • Hot-Swappable
  • Plug-and-Play



  • Enable higher capacity routers using parallel QSFP28 parallel optics for 25Gbps services
  • Improve port density
  • Reduce fiber consumption by 50% using bidirectional optics
  • Reduce power and rack space requirements

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