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The Humble Patch Cord

Telecommunications network operators are managing a rapid, sometimes unprecedented, build-out of fiber-optic infrastructure to satisfy the growth of 5G RAN and the insatiable demand for FTTH services. Under this kind of pressure, every network infrastructure component is critical to sustain the pace of network deployments and to maintain quality of service – even the humble fiber patch cord.

To ensure that the Fiber Patch Cords don’t become a weak link in network quality, many operators rely on cables from a handful of global OEMs. However, at the volumes required by the massive rollout of fiber services, this becomes an expensive proposition. Moreover, reliance on a single vendor for patch cords leaves operators vulnerable to supply shortages and delivery issues, particularly in the current situation of global medical and political stress.

Over the past decade, FONEX has partnered with several major operators to resolve supply chain challenges for fiber patch cords, and established a track record as a key patch cord partner that helps projects stay on track and on budget. We’ve developed the expertise to manufacture standard and custom fiber patch cords — designed, assembled, and tested to comply with key Telecom Industry standards, with a diversity of supply, and at very competitive price points. Moreover, our commitment to reliable on-time delivery is a key contribution to our partner’s projects. We’ve developed methods to forecast and align high volume deliveries with our operator partners, so that network projects can stick to schedule, customers can get their services on-time, and revenues hit forecasts. 

To find out more about how FONEX works with leading operators to ensure a steady supply of high-quality fiber patch cords, please contact us!

Fernando Donoso

Product Marketing Manager