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Efficient passive optical transport simplifies massive 5G deployments

Passive WDM links are one of the key solutions for 5G backhaul, midhaul, and fronthaul. Passive WDM is simple, cost-effective, and reliable since it doesn’t require any powered network elements and is transparent to transport protocols. LambdaGain’s passive DWDM platform includes a complete set of central office/headend muxes and remote site muxes for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and cascade deployments.

Driven by the explosion of DWDM endpoints required by 5G rollouts, operators need to make efficient use of CO rack space, simplify operations, and reduce OPEX. Leading operators have deployed LambdaGain’s HD-Mux family of ultra-high-density fiber-optic multiplexers and cabling systems to meet this challenge. Our solutions are extremely compact, simple to deploy and interface seamlessly with cable management systems. They also serve as a clear and efficient demarcation point for crafts personnel, marking the boundary between fixed-line operators that provide DWDM services and mobile operators that own radio and baseband equipment.

HD mux Diagram with 5G antenna-01

Key Operator Benefits

With extremely high port density, and offering the nearly unlimited speed of DWDM, LambdaGain’s HD-Mux passive optical technology is a future proof backhaul/midhaul/fronthaul investment for the life of 5G networks. It will support massively higher Radio Unit (RU) densities than current fiber mux solutions and supports the evolution of fiber optic transmission protocols from 10G to 25G, 100G.

Located at the CO or Headend, LambdaGain’s HD-Mux ultra-high-density DWDM multiplexers offer MPO format interfaces and up to 360 fibers per 1-RU, or 180 circuits. LambdaGain’s solution offers operators a number of key benefits:

  • High port density to reduce occupied rack space and associated OPEX when backhauling large numbers of remote radio units.


  • Simplified interconnection to cable management systems with MPO interfaces and tailored MPO breakout cables.


  • Provides clear demarcation point between wireless operator equipment and wireline operator’s connection to the outside plant.

Find out more

LambdaGain has adapted our passive DWDM platform for numerous operators in North America and Europe. To find out how our HD-Mux and complete DWDM system can simplify your 5G deployments, please contact us at: XXXXXX XXXXX.


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